Thursday, October 18, 2012

New in.

I couldn't help myself - I've wanted to buy a MAC product for such a long while now, and I always look at it while I'm at the airport. I just never felt I had the money for it. Except for now. I left Denmark with around almost £1000 and I even had some Danish with me as well. So after saying goodbye to everyone, we went straight through the passport and hand luggage control and to the MAC part of the tax free store.

I ended up buying a lipstick from the Viva Glam collection named Rouge À Lèvres (I think?), and it's matte. I really can't wait to try it on tomorrow for our first party here in England tomorrow, with other people from EF (our school) somewhere unknown.

Tuesday we got off early and went to a mall called The Galleries, where there was a shop named Utopia, which sold EVERYTHING for £5 max. And in that store I bought the most comfortable and pretty jumper ever! I really love it. Also bought a Batman tanktop!
Just gonna throw a couple of pictures of it all after you, and I promise you that you will get a review of my new MAC lipstick soon!

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