Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flashback: March 2011.

It might've been two years ago, but I haven't talked about it on this blog before.
In March 2011 I went to southern Spain, also known as Andalusia with my classmates and three teachers, on a study trip. To be more exact we went to four cities: Granada, Málaga, Seville and Córdoba. We were there for 6 or 7 days (my memory's quite bad) I think, and it was actually a really nice trip.

We saw a lot of different things and spend some time with some students from a Spanish school in Seville. It was difficult to communicate with them, because we didn't speak Spanish that well and only one of them understood English. The day we left Seville to go to Granada, I became really ill. It was really annoying, some kind of stomach virus. And it lasted the rest of the time there, or well, not the virus, but feeling really weak after throwing everything up. Oh, and I gave it to one of my room mates.

But besides that, and the fact that only one of my three friends were on that trip, it was really amazing, actually. We saw a lot of really exciting stuff and experienced the nightlife of Spain (yes I was 17, no, they didn't care). I'm definitely going back!

Also it was really nice to get away from the Danish winter's last desperate grip and down to 20-25 degrees in Spain. I could use that again right about now.

Torre del Oro.
Painting by Guadalquivir.
In the Jewish part of Córdoba.

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