Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New in: The Body Shop.

I've never bought anything from The Body Shop myself before. Why? Well, I actually don't know. Maybe it's because I usually feel nauseous whenever I step into one of their stores because of all the strong smells coming at you at once. I have a very sensetive nose, so a lot of very strong smells at once is pretty overwhelming for me. I don't like perfume stores either and I usually avoid wearing perfume, unless it's a special occation.

But in Bristol I got dragged into a The Body Shop store, and luckily the smells in there weren't too bad, so I found myself smelling some of their products. I found one that just smelled so lovely, but I didn't have any money at me at that time. So when I couldn't get into the aquarium, I went on a bit of a shopping spree alone, and I ended in The Body Shop, where I bought a few products.

I ended up buying three products, because they were all on sale: a body butter, a shower gel and a lip roll-on.

Raspberry Body Butter - £5.
Raspberry Shower Gel - £3.
Berry Natural Lip Roll-On - £4.

All the products just smell so amazing that I had to buy them. If you like a berry/fruity smell that's still light and summer-ish, I'd definitely recommend these products!


  1. I've actually planned to go and smell the raspberry scent. I love the body shop products :D

    1. You should totally do that, they're amazing! :D