Sunday, December 23, 2012

Review: Lush products.

I got a request from the sweet Mia Malene to make a review of the Lush products I just bought. So here's one for all of you to read!

Popcorn lip scrub

This lip scrub is something I've been looking at in a while. I first saw it when I was in Bristol, but neither Cille nor I ended up leaving the Lush store with it. Until another day, where a sweet clerk told us to try it on and showed us how to. I hought it was a bit weird with the salty and sweet at the same time, because we Danes don't put sugar on our popcorn - only salt. Those weird English people, tsk.
I didn't want to buy it at the moment, because I had other stuff I had to buy - such as Marie's birthday present. 
But it actually was really good. I liked how my lips turned softer immediately after using it. And the sweet and salty taste was actually quite nice - but that doesn't mean I want to put sugar on my popcorns from now on. Only salt belongs on popcorn and nothing else!
I use it before I go to bed, because I always use a good lip balm when I sleep, so my lips are almost never dry. And this lip scrub helps the lip balm get into your lips, which makes them extra soft. I also use it before putting on lipstick, because it makes the lipstick stick to your lips.
All in all this is a really good product and I can recommend it, not only to people fighting dry lips, but to everyone who wants extra soft lips!

You can buy the product HERE(the UK site, you can probably buy it in other countries as well - NOT Denmark)

Cupcake fresh face mask.

This mask is actually an impulse acquisition. I didn't plan on buying this at all. And since it wasn't expensive, it's alright. I read about it on Cille's blog, as she wrote reviews on all of her Lush products - and that's a lot.
At the moment I'm fighting troubled skin on my forehead and chin and I'm quite desperate, since it doesn't seem to want to be normal again. Usually my skin's quite alright, of course not perfect, but I tend to get these outbursts from time to time. 
This mask is supposed to be really great for oily teenage skin, which made me think that it dries out the skin just a tiny bit. Which is basically what I need.

I'd read in some reviews that the smell was very overwhelming - and it definitely is. If you can't take a strong smell in your face masks, don't buy this one, because it's really strong. It's hard to describe what it smells of. Some weird mix of peppermint, chocolate and cocoa. I can't say it's good, but I can't say it's bad either. I only use this face mask right before going to bed, so I won't run around with a face smelling like this all day, and I can recommend it for other people who buys this as well.
All in all the result wasn't something to give a standing applause to. It did make my skin quite softer and I enjoy that, but it didn't do much to my little problem on my forehead, which was my main point right now. I'm not sure that I want to buy this again, but I definitely am continuing to use this. And it's not bad, not at all.
Oh, and then this is vegan, which means that it's 100% natural.

You can buy the product HERE.

Besides all the reviews, I want to wish everyone a lovely Christmas Eve Eve! (in Denmark called Little Christmas Eve)


  1. Yay, tak! <3
    Tror jeg holder mig fra det sidste produkt, den lugt lyder ikke særlig rar!
    Men skal helt sikkert have mig en ny lip scrub... savner min gamle! Med bubblegum :D

    1. Så lidt :D <3
      Well, jeg fortryder nu ikke jeg købte det, men jeg gør det nok ikke igen!
      Øv, jeg kunne ikke lide den med bubblegum, faktisk.. jeg smed den ud D: