Friday, June 7, 2013

Top 5 songs.

Just thought I wanted to show you the 5 songs I listen to a lot at the moment. I usually listen to the same few songs for a short while, and then they all get replaced by some new ones.

The songs I listen to also depend on my mood a lot, which is usually different from day to day, and even from moment to moment.

But here they are, my top 5 songs at the moment!

1. Gym Class Heroes - Cookie Jar.
- This is a song I find really funny. I saw a video with Pierce The Veil being drunk, and they played this in the background, and it just fits amazingly well on those Mexican sluts. And now I can't stop listening to it (a long with a few other GCH songs).

2. Pierce The Veil - Caraphernelia.
- As I mentioned in my previous post, I listen a lot to PTV at the moment, because I'm still suffering from PCD, and listening to the songs they played at the gigs I went to just reminds me of how awesome it was. I had to choose one song only, even though I listen to all of them. Caraphernelia is my favourite song from the Selfish Machines album, and I love that it's featuring Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember. When they played it live in England it was Jaime who sang his parts, though, which was pretty awesome.

3. Woe, Is Me - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F).
- I just love this song. It's an amazing version of Last Friday Night, a lot better than the original one, actually. I'm really fond of the Pop Goes Punk albums, I find it funny that they take pop songs and make them into more hardcore songs. Also, Woe, Is Me is just an awesome band, and I really like their songs.

4. Ke$ha - Die Young.
- I don't even know why I like this one. It's just catchy, and they often play it when I'm out for drinks. It's one of the ultimate party songs, one of those where you don't even listen to the lyrics, but just dance and sing along to the chorus.

5. The Summer Set - Girls Freak Me Out.
- This song is just really awesome. I don't really know that band, and I only listened to it because it's on this Spotify playlist that Cille made. But I just think it's a really good song, and some girls do freak me out.

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