Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New in: nail polish.

I'm still not done showing you the stuff I bought while I was in England. I admit I did a little too much shopping, but hey, it's alright to go nuts once in a while.

One of the shops in England that I really like is Boots. I love walking around in there, looking at all their products and things they sell. I could spend hours in Boots!
And I did end up buying something in there, once only, which I'm actually proud of. Not too much money spent, even though I'd love to own the Real Technique brushes.

I ended up buying three nail polishes. I just love nail polishes and you rarely ever see me without it. Two of these are from the brand Models Own and they're even scented! Well, you can't actually smell it when you're wearing the nail polish, but I thought the colours were cute for summer. The last one's from Maybelline and is from the collection Color Show. It's a dark red colour with a lot of shimmer in it.
So far I've only worn the purple one, but I can't wait to try the others!