Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My weekend in England.

First of all I want to apologise - I wanted to film a video diary from the entire weekend instead of making a blogpost. But of course my voice decided to go nuts on Saturday, and I found it kinda embarrassing to run around and speak English to a camera. And when I decided I'd just speak Danish and put on subtitles, I found out that my shitty camera (which is so old school it need batteries) can't film properly in the dark.

So instead I'm just gonna tell you about it - shortly, because if I told every little detail (believe me, I remember everything, almost down to the exact minute), it'd be the longest blog post ever seen anywhere on the internet. 

Well, Thursday Cille and I arrived at London Gatwick airport around 10pm English time. We walked around and tried to get a hold of some stuff like a place where Cille could shower and the place where we had to pick up our train tickets. We charged our phones, got a tiny bit to eat and then found some more or less comfortable chairs to sleep on. Well, at least they had pillows. For some reason there was (more or less) silent all night, except for around 4am, where everyone's flight suddenly left. Weird.

We didn't get much sleep and got up around 5.30 Friday morning. Costa was open 24/7, so we went in to get some coffee, before we got ready for the day. We arrived at KoKo around 10am and there weren't many in the queue in front of us. Around 30 minutes later, two other Danes named Sofie and Sarah arrived and we sat together. We had so much fun in the queue! We saw Vic, Mike and Jaime a few times, but Tony didn't show up until an hour before the doors opened, and rarely anyone noticed him.
We also got to meet the sweet Katrina, who's one of our friends from Essex. It was nice to finally meet her!

Between the two support bands Hands Like Houses and Woe, Is Me, the crowd went absolutely crazy. Yeah, it sounds weird that they did so between the bands, but they really did. I went out in the side, where there was a bit more room, and then I had to take care of a kid who had hit his head and was shaking and could barely breathe. I sat with him for half an hour, I think.
After that I went up to the balcony and saw the entire Pierce The Veil show from up there with Katrina. It was weird, but nice to see a band perform from such a distance. 

I apologise for poor quality, but I only have poor quality pics from Friday.

After the show they did give out autographs, but neither me nor Cille got any, because they put up a fence, and rarely anyone got anything. So instead we yelled at them in Spanish and maybe even threw a bad word or two after them, oops.
We were supposed to sleep at London Paddington train station, but we were so unbelievably tired, that we didn't care about money and spent £30 each to sleep in the same room as our Danish friends for just one night. 

Early in the morning, Saturday, we got up and took of to get our luggage back, before we took the train for Bristol. We arrived around 10.15 and met someone at the station who were also at the show in London. So we pretty much spent most of the day talking to them, sitting in queue outside The Fleece, and they were really sweet! They offered to put our luggage in their hostel room, because we had nowhere to put it, since our friend was at the library all day, studying for his exam.

This time it was so much more chill, and the band even got to walk back and forth between the venue without much happening. Except when Vic did so, because he's apparently more popular than the others. The girls surrounded him so all I could see was his extremely small feet, haha! And he was extremely small - not much taller than me, actually (I'm about 5'4). We got pictures with Mike, because he was nice, and he said that they'd love to come to Denmark (but unfortunately it probably won't happen anytime soon, since they don't have enough fans here). 

The show was so much more intimate than the one at KoKo, because there were only like 300 people. Of course the crowd went nuts, but I didn't have to move away and I was able to breathe properly most of the time. Vic did say a lot of the same things as the night before (as everyone does at concerts), but he did interact with some of the fans on the first row, which was so nice.

After the show they all came out and gave autographs and took pictures. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture with anyone, except Mike, because he went out before the show. But I got to speak to all of them, and got a few autographs as well. One thing that made me really happy was that I got to say "feliz cumpleaƱos" (happy birthday in Spanish) to Jaime, whose birthday was the day before, at the London gig, but he didn't come out to talk, because he had a broken leg. But he said it was alright and he became so happy, when he heard someone speak Spanish to him. Like genuinely happy!

That evening we slept at our friend's place and we flew back to Denmark Sunday. I already miss it really badly, and I can't wait until next time I see those wonderful Sexicans again!

You'll get to see my autographs later, right now it's too dark to take proper pictures.
Ps. I call this blog post short??????

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