Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meet my dedication, inspiration III.

"It may be smothering you but you know it's true"

Tony Perry.
Tony Perry. If you haven't seen him play live, you've definitely missed something. He has so much energy on stage it's crazy. He just jumps around, plays his guitar like a madman and he keeps smiling. You can just see that he loves what he's doing. And that's why he's an inspiration to me. 

When I'm older and finished with all that school crap, I wanna do what I love for a living (I just have to figure out what that is), just like this dude. He's living his dream and I want that as well.

Also he's not afraid to be who he is and show it off to the world - by having a crapload of tattoos. He likes to express himself on his body by getting it inked and I so respect that. He doesn't care if people don't think it looks nice - as long as he thinks it looks great. And I do have a weakness for tattoos.

Besides all that he's also a sassy little motherfucker. He makes the sassiest comments and keeps his face straight (most of the time), and I find sassiness somehow attractive (if it's not too much, that is).
I can proudly say that I've met this man and gotten a hug from him. I didn't get a picture as there wasn't enough time, though. But I did get to yell a sassy comment after him (which he luckily didn't hear, 'cause it was a dirty thing in Spanish), when I saw them in London.

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