Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: The Hangover Part III.

Yesterday I went to the cinema with a few of my friends from my old school, since that's sort of a tradition we have. Whenever a film comes out that one of us wants to watch, and that person believes the others want to watch it as well, we just make an event on Facebook and then go.

This time we went to watch The Hangover Part III. We've watched the two previous films together, and of course we had to watch the third and the last one with each other. No doubt! 

My expectations to this film were originally quite high, because well, the previous films were just so brilliant. But I read a bit about it, and it didn't seem to have the same plot as the other films: they go out for a few drinks with the best intentions and end up more than hungover somewhere random, and then they have to find out what the fuck they did, plus they have to find the person who's missing. There's always someone missing.

Also before I sat down in the cinema, I had read a few not-so-good reviews of it, and my expectations dropped a bit. With good reason. I'm not saying the film is bad, but compared to the other two, it is. If it was just a film to itself, not the epic ending to a trilogy of really hilarious films, it'd be really good. But you just have so many expectations to this film, and I did get a bit disappointed.

I have to say that the ending was brilliant, though! That was without doubt the best part of the entire film, that's how I know the guys from The Hangover films! 

I wish they didn't end the trilogy with this film, I wish they had made one that reminded a bit of the other two, instead of making up this whole new concept. Yes, it'd probably be quite hard to make the third one with the same concept as the first two films and still make it the epic finale it was supposed to be, but it shouldn't be impossible. At least not if you show the film in a cinema filled with a bunch of people who are just as easily entertained as I am.

Should you watch this film? If you've watched the two first, it's just something you have to do. Sorry, but you can't get out of it, you have to finish it. I was entertained, and I did laugh a lot watching this, so if you need a good laugh, sure, go watch it.
But if you didn't like the previous films, the chance that you'll like this one is not so good. It is different from the other ones, yeah, but still kinda the same, of course. Stupid, unintelligent humor and all that jazz.

I would recommend it, because it's something you have to watch.

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