Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lip care.

I thought I wanted to share how I take care of my lips with you guys. So here we go!

Every evening before I go to bed I use this lipscrub by Lush called Popcorn. I made a review of that right here, but for the lazy ones, I'm just gonna tell a bit about it. It's a scrub that tastes like popcorn - well, popcorn like they make them in England, sweet and salty at the same time. When you apply it you have to rub it in with your fingers and then I always rub my lips together with it on as well. Usually you'd just have to brush/wipe it off or something, but the great thing about Lush is that they make their lipscrubs so you can eat them! And they don't taste awful like others might do, they actually do taste like popcorn (or bubblegum or whatever you have). I love that!

This is a lip balm from a Danish make-up store called Matas. I have no idea if you can get this kind of lip balm anywhere else, but I'm gonna recommend it anyway. The great thing about this lip balm is that it has menthol in it and if this exact brand is not available in other countries, at least buy a lip balm with menthol! It works magic on your lips, seriously. The first few times when you apply it, it actually makes your lips feel like they're burning - but that's just 'cause it works! Some people might think that it's not meant to burn, or that it burns because it's bad for your lips, but it's really not. My lips have never been this soft! And after a while, your lips won't burn anymore when you apply it, unless your lips are in serious need of lip balm.
I apply this every evening as well, right after I used the lipscrub by Lush, and then I sleep with it on, so that when I wake up, my lips are really soft!

Sometimes when my lips are really dry or peeling off a lot, I use my toothbrush to gently rub my lips. You don't need to rub too hard, because that'll hurt and won't be good for your lips, just rub in gentle circles. It'll take a bit of a time, and your lips will become really red, because of all the blood going to your lips, but they'll be so soft! After doing that, lip balm must be applied. I don't know what happens if you don't, but I have a feeling that it wouldn't be good for your lips.

I don't do the toothbrush thing too often, because that probably wouldn't be good for my lips. But the other two things I do every evening before I go to bed! Well, if I remember, that is. If I'm too tired or at someone else's house, I won't use the lipscrub, but I almost always apply the lip balm before I go to bed. And my lips are pretty soft, if you ask me!

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