Monday, August 5, 2013

July favourites.

First of all I wanna apologise for not making a 'June favourites'. I went to England on the 3rd and didn't return until the 17th, by when I thought it was too late. 

I spent 2 of the weeks of July in my favourite city in the world: Bristol in England. But the rest of the time was spent here in Denmark with me working my ass off in the wonderful weather - forced to wear jeans because we weren't allowed to wear shorts/skirts in the kitchen. Sigh.

But here are a list of some of the things I enjoyed the most throughout July, both in England and back in Denmark. Enjoy!

You've of course heard of these two products before HERE. My raspberry shower gel and my raspberry body butter from The Body Shop, bought in England. I just think they have a sommer-y smell over them, which fits perfectly for this time of the year. Their smells are fresh and I love the smell of raspberry in general. So I actually use both products everytime I shower, and they of course fit perfectly together. 

With the weather we've had both in England and in Denmark the last month or so, it's been lovely to eat ice lollies. In England I didn't have a lot, I mostly drank water, coke, Starbucks and had froyo, but when I came back to Denmark and I discovered that we had our entire freezer filled with these little goods, I of course couldn't help myself. We have these in different tastes, this one's grape, we also have pineapple, raspberry (fits with the two products above!) and blackcurrant. I can't see if we have anything else, but you can buy them in loads and loads of different tastes if you please. They taste lovely and they fit just for your hand!

This is a TV show I've been enjoying for a while now, actually. I've watched it for years, just randomly whenever me or my mum fell over it whilst watching TV. But then a while ago I decided to sit down and actually watch it. I don't like the newest season(s) too much, because there are a few actors who aren't in the show anymore, so I'm currently watching all the seasons backwards. I don't know why I do it backwards, I just do. It's about a special police department in New York City who solve crimes for special victims, such as children or rabe/abuse victims. I think it's really exciting and I'm enjoying this crime scene show along with shows like CSI, Criminal Minds and so on. 

This is the music video to the song Do It Now Remember It Later by Sleeping With Sirens. I've been watching this video a lot lately, because I'm enjoying their songs along with Pierce The Veil's songs. And this video is just so amusing that I can't stop watching it! I love how they're taking a piss at everything and just telling you to do whatever you want when you're young - life is here for you to live it. It's really funny and it sends an important message at the same time, which I love. I can only recommend everyone to listen to this song, watch the video and of course give the rest of their songs a try as well, if you liked this one.

This is a beverage we have in Denmark and I'm not sure if you have it in other countries. I talked to one of my English friends about it and she has never heard of it. Basically it's cold cocoa in a bottle. You may know the cold cocoa where you mix cocoa powder in a glass of milk yourself? Well, this is basically the same, just already mixed and bottled for you. This is one of the brands of cold cocoa that I really like and trust me, I've been drinking loads of it lately. You can get two 27cl bottles in one of my local grocery stores for around £2, so you can guess what I've been drinking a lot of lately. These are really lovely to enjoy in the warm weather as well.

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