Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brandon Hill.

Today we had classes until 17.10 and then we went to Brandon Hill to watch the sunset. Unfortunately there were too many clouds, so we just took a few pictures of the skyline in the dark. My camera's so old that it couldn't take proper pictures in the dark, at all, so I used my iPhone (again, ha). 
For those of you who didn't know, Brandon Hill is famous for being an important location for the TV show Skins. And the view of most of Bristol is just amazing! I haven't watched Skins yet, so we mostly went up there because Cille really wanted to see it. But I'm definitely gonna start watching it soon, and then I'll probably be happy that I went up there.

We also went to Starbucks (for the second time - first time I got a strawberry and cream frappuccino) and I ordered a White Chocolate Mocha. I usually hate everything that tastes like coffee, but I took the chance and I actually really liked it! After a few sips I got used to the coffee taste, and it wasn't even that strong. I'm probably gonna drink a lot of that from now on.

Anyway, have some pictures from Brandon Hill!

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