Monday, October 15, 2012

First day in Bristol.

So today was very interesting. We were an hour late for our first day of school, because we were told to get off the bus at the last stop, but we had to get off much earlier, which we fortunately realised before we came to the last stop.
But fortunately it didn't matter because it was all just intro. We got sorted out in different classes with others who are at the same level as we are. Cille and I are on the highest level, which basically means that our English is almost or just as good as a native British person's English.

We walked around in the city with the other students who started today (and a teacher whose accent was awful), and Cille and I had lunch at McD, because we didn't have time to go all the way back to Nando's. 
Some days we meet at 9am and are off at 11.55am, but other days we meet at noon and are off again at 17.10 or something. The school has different activities, even parties for people over 18. We have to wear a bracelet all the time when we're in school, and also at the activities, so they can see how old we are.

Tomorrow we're off at 11.55 and we'll probably go eat at Nando's and then walk around to look at a few shops (including Lush and Primark)!

Whilst walking around I took some photos with my iPhone, because I forgot my camera back home in Stockwood.

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