Thursday, November 29, 2012


So, as I told you, I bought this liquid lipstick in the Lush store in Bristol, called Drive. And to be honest I absolutely adore it.

It's purple, but it's not something you notice too much. It has a bit glitter in it, but again not too much, just as I like it. I wore it at our last night out in Bristol, which was amazing, and it didn't go off, despite the fact that I was really drunk. Lush lipsticks are really good in general, Cille also bought one in pink, and that doesn't come off too easily either. Which suits me perfectly.

I'm staring to think that I have a slight obsession with the colour purple. I now have a lipgloss and a liquid lipstick of that colour and I just got a pair of purple jeans from Cille. I just really like purple, okay? Yet I still have no idea if it suits me or not, haha.

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