Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween outfit.

Unfortunately we were in a hurry last night, so I only got to take one picture, before we rushed out the door to catch the last bus headed to the City Centre. And it was unfortunately taken with my iPhone. But I thought I'd show you anyway, just because.

As I told you, I had spend hours doing this outfit, and it really did pay off - we had one of the most amazing nights! We got drunk really quickly, as planned, and so did Michael, which was also planned. The most crazy thing about the night was to get into the freaking venue. Everyone was acting like some musician was inside and about to play, I have literally never been pushed that much in my life! Someone next to us in the queue had been waiting for like an hour to get in! Luckily we got in pretty quickly and found Michael just as we got in.

And it was not like those parties back home in Denmark - it was huge! And I loved it! Anyone planning to go to England should definitely go to a party at an O2 Academy venue.

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