Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Body was definitely Warm.

"Dead sexy"

Yesterday Cille and I went to a cinema in Copenhagen to (finally!) watch Warm Bodies. I didn't really have any expectations to it, but I got positively surprised! I think it's actually a really good film. I absolutely love that it had a lot of genres in it: romance, comedy and even a few rather scary elements. Now, some people might think that it's one of these lame love stories like Twilight and such, but it's not. Well yes, it is a love story, but it's nothing like Twilight. First of all, it's with zombies, not vampires. Second, he's actually doing zombie stuff, eating brains and all. Third, there really is a few fights in the film. And it's not just about the love between the main characthers, it's also about how the remaining human beings survive in a world with zombies.

The film is about a zombie guy who calls himself R, since he can't remember his full name. R doesn't actually like being a zombie. One day he meets a girl, Julie, who has a very weird impact on him. He rescues her from a zombie attack on her group, whilst they're outside the safety walls to gather medicine, and he keeps her safe in the abandoned airplane he lives in. They start to get to know each other, and even more weird things happen to not just him, but all the zombies.

I actually watched the trailer for the film, but I didn't quite pick up the Shakespeare hint it has - R and Julie? Also there's a balcony scene, in which Julie's on the balcony and R is looking up on her. Julie's friend is even calling her name from inside of the house. More Shakespeare is impossible.

The main reason for me wanting to watch it in the first place was actually because of one of the main characters, R, who's played by the British actor Nicholas Hoult, with whom I've fallen completely in love. He's in one of my favourite series, Skins, and even in my favourite generation.

If the film's still going in a cinema near you, I suggest you go watch it! And if not, which is really bummer, go watch it somewhere on the internet or buy it on DVD once it comes out. It's really worth it, believe me!

(also excuse me for the title I just couldn't recist. now go watch that film and love it!)

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