Thursday, February 21, 2013

Back in kindergarten?

As some of you who's read my blog may know, I had an internship at a shop before Christmas. But as one of my bosses went to Thailand for 3 weeks in January, they closed the entire place down until February. Though, when February came and I texted my boss about when I was going to start working there, she didn't reply. And she hasn't done since. So I was forced to look for somewhere else to start an internship.

And today I found somewhere: a kindergarten! So yeah, I'm gonna work in a kindergarten with kids in the age of 3-6 for 4 weeks, starting from some day in March.
Let's see if I can handle this with my short temper, being an impatient human being, who usually don't like spending too much time with kids, because they become these really annoying creatures. 

But now I'm gonna spend 37 hours a week with loads of kids who aren't related to me in any way, and I'm gonna practice not strangling all of them or letting them drown mysteriously in the lake right next to the place.

It's gonna be fun!

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