Sunday, March 24, 2013

A little piece of New Zealand.

In January my friend Marie went to New Zealand for quite a while. And she decided to be so sweet and buy some presents to me and some of her other friends, yay!

So yesterday she hosted a get together in her flat, and of course most of us showed up (except poor MM, hope you're alright!), not only to get our presents, but also to enjoy an evening in the company of each other. We had so much fun, eating home made burgers for dinner, ice cream for desert, playing games and just chatting. I really love those evenings we have together and I'm already looking forward to the next one.

Marie gave me a necklace with a picture that shows a bird cage, with the door open, and a little black bird flying out of it. I just really adore it, really. I feel like it has some deeper meaning to me as a person, though I can't seem to explain what it is. I'm glad she got me this. 

I've never been in New Zealand myself, but I'd acutally like to go some day. I have a lot of other places I want to visit firstly, but I definitely well visit New Zealand as well some time in the future. For now I can carry this little, beautiful piece of New Zealand with me anywhere I want.
Thank you so much, Marie <3

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