Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pierce The Veil: autographs.

This is something I haven't told you about. The venue in Bristol where Pierce The Veil played, The Fleece, had a competition where you could win signed posters. All you had to do was send them funny tweets, and they'd pick out a few winners, who got posters. 

Cille won a poster, because she tweeted them something funny, and I walked up with her to the back door to get it. The man who controlled the venue's Twitter came out and asked if we were really from Denmark (we tweeted that, because we were the only foreigners that night), and when we said yes, he walked back inside to get me a poster as well! So basically I only got one because I was awesome and Danish, and not 'cause I was funny (even though I am, haha!)

And after the show, I also got Jaime and Vic's autographs on a separate piece of paper, which I got from one of the girls we had met. Mike didn't give out autographs after the show, because he did that earlier on, and I didn't get to get one from Tony before he went inside. Which was alright, because I already had it on my poster, but I did really want a photo with him. Too bad!

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