Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New in: MAC.

When you visit the airport in Copenhagen, you always have to look around in the tax free shop. But all I wanted to look at was all the MAC make-up, when I was there a few weeks back. They have a little stall in the airport, not too big, but there are still plenty of products. I looked mostly at the lipsticks and the eyeshadows, and I ended up buying one of each. 

The eyeshadow is called Naked Lunch, and it's this nude beige colour, with some golden shimmer in it. I really like it, because I kinda needed a pretty eyeshadow that wasn't too much, but still propriate for parties and stuff. And Naked Lunch is just perfect for that, but also for the everyday look - I'm probably not wearing that a lot, since MAC's too expensive for me to just use up really quickly, haha.

The lipstick is called Rebel, and it's a violet shade with a splash of pink in it. It's dark, but not too dark, and since I love almost anything purple/violet, I thought it was just perfect for me. It looked so pretty that I just had to have it - and both me and Cille wore it for the Pierce The Veil gig in London!
For me it's only something I'd wear to a party, because I like wearing different shades on my lips to parties, something you don't usually see as a lipstick colour. But I never wear any lipstick besides at special occations such as parties or gigs, so yeah. If you do like taking a risk, it is suitable for the everyday look, because it's not too much.


  1. Naked Lunch & Rebel. Two of my faves :)

    1. They're really great, I love both of them :D

      I only own 3 MAC products, though, but I want to have more!