Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bye-bye beautiful weather.

Until last weekend the weather in Copenhagen was actually amazing. I had gotten used to wearing no jacket and summer shoes, all that jazz, lying on the balcony in the heat to get a tan.

But all of a sudden it started to rain a lot. And I really mean A LOT. It's really sad, because nice weather makes me so happy, but of course we can't have a proper summer in Denmark without loads of rain. I admit I thought the rain was coming to an end, because yesterday the weather was actually alright. And my friend read in the paper, that tomorrow it would be incredibly hot. Well, that is possible, but it will probably rain, again. Just like it does right now.

And I thought I'd try to take a few pictures of a very grey sky and the wet ground outside. It wasn't raining when I took those pictures, but it had been quite a lot. At the same time you can see what it looks like if I look out my bedroom window slash French balcony door.

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