Thursday, June 20, 2013


So I'm really not the kind of person who wears sunglasses a lot. Well, I wish I was. Because I really like sunglasses, they're an amazing accessory. I mean, they proctect your eyes from the sun and they look really nice!

I've seriously only had two pairs of sunglasses my entire life. Well, three actually, because one pair broke and then I bought a new one, exactly the same as the old one, but shush. I don't think sunglasses fit my face too well, the same goes for glasses, that's why I never wear my glasses outside. Also because they're really ugly, haha!

If I was the person who could just look good in sunglasses, I'd of course just buy new pairs off the internet, because I don't really like shopping in real life. But I need to try on the sunglasses first, to be sure I fit them without looking like a complete dork.

But here are some sunglasses I'd buy if they looked good on me!

1. Here | 2. Here | 3. Here | 4. Here | 5. Here | 6. Here

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