Sunday, June 23, 2013

21.06.13: 30 Seconds To Mars.

Friday after work I went directly to Tivoli (after bying some facepaint) to join Laura, Selma, Emma and Cille. They had been sitting at Plænen (a big area with grass) since noon, because they wanted good spots. For what? Well, for the 30 Seconds To Mars gig!

Whilst waiting, we just talked, had fun, drank some beers and took some shots. Some woman, who was rather drunk, kept giving us drinks, so we didn't have to pay for ourselves, which was great. But she was a bit annoying.

The band didn't go on stage until 10pm, so we had to wait for a long time. It started to rain a bit twice, once right after I arrived and once right before the gig started. Luckily Laura and my other friend Ditte had umbrellas, so I didn't become too wet.

The gig itself was seriously amazing. I had heard so much about how incredible 30STM shows were, how the energy was extremely amazing, how the contact between the band and the crowd was more than bands usually talk to the crowd. And all of it was true. Jared spent a lot of time talking to the crowd about a lot of different things, he made jokes and made us yell "Love Lust Faith Dreams" in Danish a couple of times. He also had this giant Danish flag that he kept waving. That was one of the few moments where I felt proud to be a Dane!

Since I forgot my camera and my phone died hours before the gig started, I have no pictures whatsoever. But luckily my friend Mia Malene let me "steal" some pictures from her blog - with credit, of course! So, here you go, take a look at MM's lovely pictues from one of the best nights of my life!

Last picture is taken by Laura, when it was raining right before the gig started.

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