Monday, June 10, 2013

Meet my dedication, inspiration I.

"It may be smothering you but you know it's true."

Vic Fuentes.

Victor Vincent Fuentes. Why is he one of the people who inspire me? Well, first of all: he understands. Everyone knows what it feels like to have a bad day, of course. But Vic has tried more than that. He's been so miserable that he selfharmed once. You can still see the scars on his arm. I think it's wonderful that he understands his fans, that he knows what some of them are going through. But now he's as happy as ever, so he also understands the ones who are happy as well. He gives so much of himself to his fans, and that makes me really proud of him. He really does care about them.

Besides that, he's an amazing singer and songwriter. I just really love his voice. On albums it's of course cleaned up, but live it's even better. Raw and sexy, and you can just feel he gives everything he's got. And he plays the guitar amazingly well as well!

I've had the honour of meeting this man once, and he signed my paper. I couldn't get a word over my lips, besides "Vic, could you please sign this?" and he did, smiling widely. He didn't have much time to talk or take pictures, but just seeing him, standing right in front of me, was amazing. He's really not that tall, by the way.

If I could one day give half as much of myself as Vic Fuentes does, I would be satisfied, because that man is simply amazing.

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