Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tattoos and piercings I want.

I'm really into tattoos and piercings, to be quite honest. Wow, surprise, how original of me! Yeah well, I can't help it and I'm not really sorry that I find it attractive. 

So I of course want some myself. I'd love to look attractive, and I want to do some things that help me look attractive. I'm only gonna get all these for myself, not for anyone else. I don't care if people look at me and think "Wow those tattoos and piercings look amazing on her" or "Ew tattoos and piercings are gross on everyone no matter what". It's for ME only, no one else.

Here is a list of the tattoos and piercings I want. There will probably be a lot more on my body in the end, but these are the ones I have already planned or am currently planning to get.

These are lyrics from a Pierce The Veil song named Hold On 'Till May. PTV is one of my favourite bands. And this little sentence just has so much meaning behind it. To me it means that you can get through anything, and you will always be okay in the end. It also means that these four Mexican guys will always have my back, no matter what. If one day everyone stops caring about me, they will still be there for me, through their music.
My plan is to get all of them to write one word from this sentence. I already got Jaime to write the first word, when I saw them in England last month. Since I'm really impatient, I plan to get the first word tattooed, and then the rest when I get those, but I probably have to wait a few years for that to happen.

This is the symbol of the band You Me At Six, another one of my favourite bands. I plan to get this on my left wrist, don't ask me why I want it there, I just do. All the members of the band has this tattooed somewhere on their body, and I want it as well, because I feel like a part of the entire "family", in a lack of a better word. I love their music and I want to remember what it meant (and might continue to mean) to me, for the rest of my life. Besides that, 6 is my favourite number.

These are some lyrics from another Pierce The Veil song named Disasterology. I'm not quite sure how I want this, if it should be text or if I can come up with an idea to a creative little picture. Maybe I should do both. Whenever it's time for me to get it, I'll talk to a tattoo artist about it, and maybe they can give me ideas for a picture.

These are lyrics from an Of Mice & Men song named Second And Sebring. OM&M is another one of my favourite bands, and I really want some of their lyrics tattooed in an & sign. I'm not quite sure what it should be, if these are the lyrics I want, if I only want the beginning of this (which would be kind of hard to make into a & sign), or if I should just go with some other lyrics. I'll decide later, when it's time to get it.

As you can see, this is a quote from Bob Dylan. I have no special relation to this guy, I just find the quote amazingly true. It's short, precise and just really fits the entire humanity. People always talk about how people need to be themselves, but when it comes to it, who am I even? Will I ever find out, or will it just remain an unanswered question all my life? It always takes ages to describe yourself, and that might be because you're not really sure who you are. But as long as you're comfortable with yourself, you don't need to know who you are.

I really want to get a spiderbite. I've wanted that for years now, actually. Don't ask me why I haven't gotten one yet, I don't know. Guess I've just chosen to spend my money on different things. But as soon as I can afford it, I'm getting it. And yes, I want it with rings, not balls. Might get balls to begin with, because it'll look stupid when it stops being swollen and the rings are too big. I want this, because I think it looks pretty, and I want it on the right side of my lip.

Another thing I really want is earrings all the way up my left ear, where I already have a 10mm stretch. I want all of the others to be rings. The reason why I want this, is because I think it'll look awesome as fuck, rings all the way down my ear and then a stretch in the end. I really like that. 

Besides all these things I also want a My Chemical Romance related tattoo. I just don't know whether it'll be a picture or just another part of some lyrics. I'm also seriously considering getting something useless and pointless tattooed somewhere, just to represent my teenage years. Not something stupid or something I'll really regret, just something that doesn't have any meaning to me, and something that's only for fun.

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