Sunday, August 25, 2013

NOH8 Campaign.

At the moment the NOH8 campaign is doing photoshoots all over the world where people can come in and pay some money and then get taken some photos with a professional photographer for the campaign. Later they'll choose one photo and put it up on their website, edited of course. And you'll get all of the photos on email.

NOH8 is a campaign originally set in the United States. It's their mission to promote marriage, gender and equality. A lot of celebrities have had their photos taken for that campaign, so it's really lovely that common people also get the chance to support by paying for photos.

So today I went to Crowne Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen with my two lovely friends Mia and Marie (who arranged for us to go) to get our photos taken. Since I'm pretty broke right now, because I have to move far away soon and buy books and all that, Marie offered me that my photos would be an early birthday present. What's a better birthday present that both I and other people will enjoy?! 
So we wore white tops, got our temporary NOH8 tattoo on our cheeks and some duct tape over our mouths, and then we posed for a few photos, all three of us together.

It was a really fun experience to try getting my photo taken with a professional photographer from the States. I've never tried anything like that. It was really quick, but enjoyable nonetheless. I kinda feel like doing things like that again, now that I've had my first bite of the "model" life, haha.

Of course I will post our photos here as soon as they're out!

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