Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quick update.

So yeah, I moved out..

Talk about being a grown up, aye?!

Nope, not really. Anyway, I'm currently living in a city 5 hours away from Copenhagen and I don't have a proper place to stay, so I'm in a hostel. And that hostel has really bad wifi. So I'm really sorry for not updating more, but I can't do it differently, unfortunately.

The 15th I'll move into my own place with my friend's brother. He found a place and asked if I wanted to share with him and of course I said yes! It might be a few days or even a week before we get wifi, though.. Just so you're warned.

Also I've started university and I'm constantly tired. But it's worth it! I'm slowly getting to know people (who by the way speak very differently to me) and so far the three classes I've had were awesome! I didn't think I'd ever say this, but: I'm excited about school. For the first time in my entire life. And that says a lot.

I just thought I wanted to show you where I live atm: in a small cabin with 5 other people. Two from Denmark, one from Estonia, one from France and one from Russia. So yeah, we mostly speak English. I'm pretty sure my Danish will worsen because of this, haha.
We have a very small fridge and share showers and toilets with other people living here as well. There are mostly only students living here and even one girl from my class (as far as I know).

The most of our room is in this picture and I sleep at the top left corner!

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