Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet my dedication, inspiration V.

"It may be smothering you but you know it's true"

Austin Robert Carlile.
Austin Carlile. How am I supposed to describe my respect to this man? I will try and put it into words, but it will probably do it no justice whatsoever.

This man is my biggest inspiration. He has been through so much - he lost his mum in a young age and he has heart problems himself. But still this man is doing what he loves and he does not let anything limit his life. He does not let sadness or problems bring him down. He's one of the strongest persons I've ever come across and if I one day was to meet him, I'd probably be speechless. 

This man loves his fans so much. Most bandmembers say that they love their fans and that they are a family to them, but I believe that Austin truly means it when he says so. Because he really does show it. I've read so many stories about how nice he's been to countless of fans and it really touches my heart. He's such an inspiration.

Also he has an amazing voice and his music is beautiful. I love his band very much and I'd like to show my dedication with a tattoo of some sort. Austin Carlile is as close to perfect as you can become in my eyes and still be human.

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