Monday, November 4, 2013

One month.

So as you may or may not have noticed, I love going to concerts. I attend as many as possible, with both really big names and small, local bands in where I have a few friends.
But as I'm now living 4-5 hours away from Copenhagen, the capital of my country, it's hard for me to attend concerts, seeing as I have to pay around £40-£50 every time I want to go to a concert - and that's just for the train ticket. Top that prize with the ticket for the concert and food and probably a few beers, and even more than a few, if I go out with friends after the show.

So I haven't been at a concert since August, which is really sad. I've already missed two concerts I wanted to go to and it annoys me. But the next concert I'm going to will be in exactly one month. I'm going to see Pierce The Veil as they support Bring Me The Horizon on their ongoing UK/Europe tour in Malmö, Sweden on the 4th of December. For some odd reason they're not coming to Denmark on this tour. 

But I absolutely can't wait, even though PTV are just the support band. It will be the third time I see them in less than a year and I've only been a fan for a year at the time. I think that's pretty well done seeing as they're from the States and they have never played a concert in Denmark. That's what I call dedication. Especially because I've never travelled to another country just to see a concert or two before I did so back in May.

Sorry for the weird "filler" blog post, but I just figured I had to get it out somewhere and I wanted to share my excitement. It'll seriously be so amazing to see them again!

Rumour has it that they will be playing this one - it's one of my favourites!

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