Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October favourites.

Let me start off by saying that this probably won't be every month. It hasn't been so far for various reasons, but I will try the best I can to do it each month. Now I'm just saying this so I won't have to apologise every time I miss a month or more.

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm is something I've heard a lot of people talk really good about. People seem to be praising this specific lip balm a lot and I've actually never heard one bad thing about it. So when I got a gift certificate for a drug store, I went in and bought it. Even though it was really expensive, somewhere between £17-£18. That's not something I would usually give for a lip balm.
I've been using it a lot lately, during the day, when I'm outside or at campus, just to keep my lips moisturised during the day - and that's important now that it's become colder outside. I think it's good and I do like it quite a lot. But it still doesn't beat my menthol lip balm, honestly. And that is much cheaper, so that's lucky. Seriously, I can warmly recommend all of you to buy a lip balm with menthol in it!

Candles is something that's been everywhere in my flat ever since I was a kid. My mum used to have a lot in the living room and in her bedroom and I also had a few in my room. I especially love the coloured ones and I mainly use them in the winter. It's just for the sake of something nice and warm. And who doesn't love something pretty to look at?
I don't like most scented candles, so I'm not buying any of those. They tend to give me headaches.

This concealer is a relatively new purchase. I'd heard a bit of talk about it, Tanya Burr always praises it in her videos whenever she uses it for some of her make-up tutorials, so I decided to try it out. It wasn't too expensive and something I could pick up in a local drug store. They have a lot of make-up in England that we unfortunately don't have in England.
As it's called, it really does wake me up. I look a lot less tired when applying it and I'm really happy for that because I have circles under my eyes, even when I feel rested and barely tired (tired is something I always feel). I really adore this one! Mine's in the colour 040 Soft Beige.

This salt water spray is also a relatively new purchase. During the summer I discovered that my hair becomes a lot more curly when I've been at the beach and in the water, so I decided to try out a salt water spray to see if I had the same effect. And it does! This one is obviously a cheap version (even for a drug store, because it's the drug store's own brand), but that doesn't hurt at all. If I spray my hair with this, it becomes much more curly and I absolutely love that!
This one I use mainly for parties or other more important events, since I'm not really caring too much about my looks during school days or days where I'm not doing anything specific or out of the ordinary.

I am a person who loves skin care producs and any products for the body in general - also things you can use whilst in the shower or bath. And I have to admit that I buy too much of it. I have way too much at the moment and I know I won't use it up before the next time I buy something new.
This particular skincare product is a body lotion with cranberry. I love this one because the smell isn't too strong and it's suitable all year around. I've started to use this (almost) after every shower because the cold dries my skin out a bit and it's always good to keep your skin moisturised. And it is really good for my skin, so I love that! 

Ps. Sorry for the crappy light in all the pictures. I just only have one lamp atm in my room and there isn't much light coming from my balcony. If I remove the temporary blanket my roommate put up on my window, everyone who walks by will be able to see directly into my room. It's all a temporary solution, so no worries!

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