Sunday, November 17, 2013

Punk Goes Pop.

Having a wide music taste means I like everything from pop to heavy metal, but one thing that makes me insanely happy is when bands/artists do covers of each other's songs across genres. 

That is why I really love the Punk Goes Pop albums. They're amazing! More rock-ish/alternative/whatever-they're-just-not-pop bands doing covers of pop and RnB songs is literally the best. A lot of those songs are catchy enough as they are in their true form, but some of them are even better when covered and made more rock-ish or whatever.
There's even recently been released an album called Punk Goes Christmas! It's amazing.

The only problem I have with Punk Goes Pop is that they chose to call it punk. Where did that come from? None of the bands that are covering songs are the least bit punk. But maybe it was just to come up with some catchy title instead of "Alternative Emo Goes Pop" or something.

My favourite Punk Goes Pop album is number 4. There's no particular reason for that except of course the fact that I just like it. On that album there's Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens covering songs and they're doing an excellent job. And I just like most of the songs that are being covered.

Here's Pierce The Veil's cover of Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are - enjoy!

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