Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Music recommendation.

Ever heard of the band Cold Black? Well, didn't think so. They're a small band with a few of my mates and they're not too big. Even though they are big enough to have been in the United States to record songs producers who've recorded with a lot of famous people.
Also I really believe they could actually get pretty far with their music, seeing it's rather decent.

They have recently released a new music video for a song off their upcoming EP "In Motion" (which I beileve they recorded in the States) that is due to come out on December 15th. And they have about 8000 likes and counting on Facebook.
The music is described by themselves as hard rock/metal. I'd definitely recommend this band to anyone who enjoys that kind of music, because they really are awesome and a bunch of kind guys.

"Cold Black is a Danish hard rock/metal band formed in the winter of 2011.
The members are the 2 brothers Victor (vocal) and Alex (guitars) joined by guitarist and cousin Martin (guitars) along with drummer Jamal. In 2013 Jeff was added on bass. The music is heavy and hard-hitting, but melodic and catchy nonetheless and inspired by everything from classic rock to post-hardcore and metalcore. The liveshow is energetic and visual like few others..."

Check out their awesome new video and give them a like on Facebook HERE.

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