Friday, December 6, 2013

04.12.13: Pierce The Veil.

Wednesday I got up before the sun did and left my mum's to meet up with my friend Sofie at Copenhagen Central Station. We caught a train to Malmö, Sweden and found Kulturbolaget around half 10.

Why? Well, we were going to see Pierce The Veil. And we planned to sit outside in line all day. Yep, it was cold as fuck, but it was definitely worth it! It was the third time for me seeing PTV and they were just as amazing as the first two times. Even though I sometimes like to see bands live in huge venues, I have to admit I like the intimate shows at small venues better. There's just this thing about them - it's like every kid is connected and the band has so much more energy.

As we got there, we quickly found some other Danes who we spent the entire day with. New friends you meet at concerts always turn out to be the friends you keep for the longest, that's at least what I've experienced.

We were let inside around 7pm and two of us hurried to the barrier whilst the other two were handing in our stuff to the cloak room. Of course we all stood right by the barrier, we wouldn't accept anything less after waiting for so many hours in the cold! 

The first band up was Sights & Sounds and they were quite alright. One of them celebrated his birthday the day before and another dude did that day. So someone randomly started to sing "happy birthday" and the rest of the room followed. Right until we had to mention his name. As no one knew it, the song just faded after "happy birthday, dear..." and they started laughing. It was kind of embarrassing.
To be honest their sound wasn't too good, but the music was alright.

After Pierce The Veil came on. They just came running onto stage and I grabbed Sofie's arm to squeeze it because I wasn't even prepared. I couldn't keep the smile off my lips during the entire show and I was singing my lungs out - and I'm currently paying for it, my voice is fucked.

We had some moments with Tony where we pointed at each other and sang to each other. Even Jaime was lip-synching to us when he saw that we were kind of sobbing during Hold On Till May. He pointed at us with his bass and just came really close. That was really embarrasing. Sofie caught a pick from Jaime and one from Tony, lucky girl!

When it was time for Bring Me The Horizon to enter stage, Sofie and I left. None of us like BMTH and we wanted to give our good spots to someone who would actually enjoy the show. To be honest it wasn't really good. They didn't have any connection with the audience whatsoever and Oli barely talked to them. I would admit that the show was good if it was, but it honestly wasn't anything special.

After the show had ended we waited outside to see if we could catch a glimpse of PTV. They all came out, but it was only Vic who gave autographs and took pictures with people, but he didn't look like he really wanted to, so we left him alone. They all quickly left again for some bar, except Tony, who stayed on the bus to drink Coronas with Matt.
Since Sofie's train didn't leave from the Central Station of Copenhagen until like 5am, we all decided to stay for a bit. It was much colder in Denmark and it was either waiting there or in Malmö. We were just hanging around, talking about stuff.

Vic, Jaime and Mike came back around 2am and Vic asked us what we were still doing there. We realised it was kind of creepy, but he seemed genuinely concerned when he heard that we had to wait for the train. So he made sure we were okay before they went into the bus.

We were dancing around to keep ourselves warm and at some point we found out that their driver was filming us with his phone, which was really funny. So we just kept on dancing until they drove away. Jaime was sitting next to the driver and he waved at us and made a heart with his hands when he saw us.

All in all it was a great day and night, and it was definitely worth it to stay out in the cold for 16 hours or so. It'll probably be a long while before I see them again, but at least I have some good memories to remember. Even though I didn't bring my camera, since I couldn't find it at all.

Credit for all pictures goes to: Nibby Photography.


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    1. Aww, du skulle klart have været med!

    2. Problemet er bare, at jeg aldrig ville gide bruge så mange timer i en kø + jeg havde ikke råd :(