Friday, May 30, 2014


Every year there's a carnival in the city where I live now, which is Aalborg. It's a really big deal in this part of the country and people from near and far come to the city to take part in it. They call it the biggest carnival in the North, but I don't know about that. I know that there are a lot of people every year, though, and I'd heard it was absolutely insane.

I wasn't planning on going this year because I wanted to go to Copenhagen, but as we were handing our semester projects in only a few days later, I decided to stay in Aalborg and attend the carnival instead with my good friend Camilla. A few weeks back we went shopping for our costumes, and I'd decided I wanted to be a pirate. Camilla was going as a flapper/Charleston girl. I really like planning costumes for parties and such, even though it rarely ever happens that I'm going to a party where costumes are required. I even ended up sewing some new buttons I bought with small anchors on them onto the white shirt I was going to wear. Yes, I spend a lot of time preparing my costume!

As the day came, Camilla had been sleeping here the night before, and we got up early to get ready. It took a while to get ready for both of us, but we made it in time. The carnival started in three different places all over the city at different times and we chose the latest one, because we knew it would take a while to get ready. We'd mixed some vodka and iced tea and brought that with us along with some beer, because who isn't hammered at carnival? It all started at noon and it was absolutely and utterly insane! But so much fun! The carnival ended in a park where everyone were just having fun and continuing their drinking. Music was played from everywhere and the sun was out, so most people got a bit burnt. 

In the evening we went home, slept a bit and then went out to continue the drinking, me still in my costume. It was a really fun day and night and I really can't wait for next year's canival! I feel so attatched to my costume that I wish I had another occasion where I could wear it, I don't really feel like I wore it enough. It was so much fun to prepare it and even more fun to wear it! Take a look at how we looked (iPhone quality):

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