Monday, October 22, 2012

Chapman Square.

At midnight last night the British band Lawson released their first album - and damn, my Twitter went crazy! I'm not following any other fan than Cille, but it was the guys from the band who went completely nuts over the fact that their first album ever came out. And honestly, can you blame them?

Cille and I were off at 17.10 today, and after that we hurried to the shopping streets where you can find a HMV store, where they luckily had the album, and I bought it!

Basically it's called Chapman Square because it was where they first played live together as a band. You can either buy the album with one or two CDs, and I bought the one with two, obviously!
Cille and I are listening to the album right now, and we actually think it's a really good album all in all. We of course knew a couple of the songs because of singles and so on, and we've probably heard some of them live as well without noticing (we saw them live back in August).

They actually told some Danish fan that they may be back in Denmark before 2012 is over, and I'm really crossing my fingers that they will come! It'd be awesome.

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