Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: MAC lipstick.

I wore my new MAC lipstick last Friday at our first party here in Bristol with some other students from EF. And damn, it was nice!

I just adore the colour of the lipstick in general, but I actually think it really suited me as well. It's a matte dark red colour and I like red lips. I don't think I'm too good with red lipstick that's too red, but a dark/matte red for me is probably what suits me best when it comes to lipstick colours, I think. I have no idea, and a professional might disagree completely, haha.

Unfortunately my camera's just shit, so you won't get a picture with me wearing the lipstick - yet! I might give you a picture sometime soon, who knows. I still have many parties yet to come here in Bristol.
So for now, have a picuture of the lipstick itself, unpacked this time, of course!

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