Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Local bands.

I happen to know a few people who play in local bands that actually give concerts. And lately I've been seeing those bands live a lot. This late summer / fall, there have been a hell lot of concert with the local bands, more than usually.

All the bands play songs in English and they all have EP's out. One of the bands actually have their album for sale on iTunes! And I just thought you should give them a chance and listen a bit to them.

The first band is Bleeding Justice. You can describe their music as old school heavy metal and rock. They find their inspiration in the 70's and 80's rock, blues and metal. Their first album is out on iTunes and is called Temper Like The Devil, and it's a really great album! I bought it myself, and I love listening to it. Their concerts are of course very intimate, but with a very nice atmosphere. I know the lead singer and one of the guitarists in this band.
Check them out on Facebook HERE and on iTunes!

The second band is Xchained. I have to admit that when I first heard this band (which was live, I was sitting outside the venue because I was poor lol) I didn't really like their music. I thought it was too messy and it made no sense. I do like metal and genres like that, but I also really like when music makes sense and has a flow in it, so it's not just some random noise. But the second time I heard (and saw) them live, they were actually really good, and suddenly I felt like their music does make sense. You can describe their music as a lot of metal genres mixed together, they don't just stick to one genre but use whatever they think sound good, so it's kinda hard to put a label with a genre on their music.
This band has an EP out called No Chains Attached with a really cool drawing on the front. They don't have any record label, so they recorded all their music themselves! I know one of the guitarists and the drummer in this band.
Check them out on Facebook HERE!

The last local band I know is Deafbeats. For the people who doesn't like metal music, but does like rock, this band is what you're going to listen to. Their genres are something like experimental rock and alternative rock. Their music is very soft and they find their inspiration from bands such as The Beatles, Queens of the Stonage, Muse, Arctic Monkeys and The White Stripes.
They have a music video to one of their songs, which is called You And Your Shitty Measures. And their newest EP called Inchmetal is released the 28th of October (which I unfortunately can't join, since I'm in England). I know the front singer, the guitarist and the drummer in this band.
Check them out on Facebook HERE, their website HERE and watch their first music video HERE!

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