Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So Friday was our last day of school in Bristol, which of course made us pretty sad. We didn't go to our lecture class, since we had to talk to some dude at the activities office, but we of course went to our General English class, where our favourite teacher was.

Our topic that week had been music and our teacher had prepared a small quiz about modern music and we had to answer the questions in pairs, Cille and I were together.
Now, he knew that we were the experts on music in that class, and in the end of the quiz we were the group with most correct answers. What we didn't expect was that he pulled out two small trophies out of his bag and handed them to us.

We also got our certificates that day, and said goodbye to everyone. It was actually pretty sad, and to be honest we didn't want to leave the school. We wanted to stay, and trust me, if we had the money, we would still be there.
But eventually we left and went to get some lunch at a Mexican restaurant. I tell you, burritos are great! After a while of walking around in the city and shopping some more (oops), we went back home to chill and get ready for the party later that evening.

That party was really awesome! We went to a club called Walkabout, and we partied hard with all our friends. And I was hammered, like really, it was so much fun! We took these shots that tasted kinda like soda - except one that tasted awful, like marzipan. Those and a couple of Vodka RedBull made sure that I was completely wankered at the time where the club closed.
We were outside and didn't feel like going home at all, so we went to Stokes Croft, because Cille needed cigarettes and we ended up outside a pizzaria, with a box of chips in hands, talking to some random dudes we ran into - who for some reason knew one of our friends. We spent a while talking to them and came back home at 7 in the morning.

All in all a great day and night. And of course the trip itself was super awesome - I'd like to repeat that. And we're going to, since we're planning to go back again next summer, of course just for holidays. But we're probably joined by Selma and Emma. And I just really can't wait!

Me, Cille and some of our friends from EF.

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