Monday, December 17, 2012

Belated birthday presents.

Saturday I went to Marie's place to actually celebrate her birthday - even though it was actually back in October. But since both Cille and I were in England when she was celebrating, and a lot of the other people who were invited didn't have the time/money for it, she moved it to December instead.

And that meant that she had to get her Christmas presents. Cille and I gave her a package from Lush, bought in Bristol, which contained Snow Fairy and two bath soaps.
Marie wasn't the only one to get presents, though. I gave Mia Malene a book of Steven Tyler, which she just loves to death already.

They also gave me presents. From Marie I got a temporary gift: a cup with a cute little bowtie on it! I'm actually drinking tea from it right now. Yum!
And Mia Malene gave me a small package from The Body Shop, which contains a body scrub, a body butter and a shower gel, all smelling lovely of lemon. I've actually never had anything from The Body Shop before, because I always thought the scents were too strong on all their products, which just made me avoid those stores. But I love the smell of these products, luckily!

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