Thursday, January 17, 2013

Everyday make-up.

I actually used to wear quite a lot make-up until 8-9 months ago, which was actually mostly because that was around where all my final exams started, and I just couldn't be bothered putting on make-up. Then came the summer holidays and it was too hot to put on make-up and then I did nothing for a few months, where I didn't put on make-up either... And then I just couldn't be bothered getting up every morning to put on a lot of make-up when I was in England, because I prefered sleeping.

So now it's come down to only a few things: concealer, foundation, eyeshadow and mascara. It might sound like a lot, some people only wear eyeshadow or mascara, but compared to what I used to it's not a lot.
And I thought I just wanted to show you how it looks.

For those of you who want to know what I'm using (it changes a lot, actually):

  • Hide the Blemish concealer from Rimmel
  • Hello Flawless foundation from Benefit (?)
  • Earthspirit eyeshadow from MaxFactor (it's dark brown, it doesn't specify the colour)
  • False Lash Effect mascara from MaxFactor
I don't use a lot of mascara, because my lashes are so long naturally, it'd just look weird if I went nuts with a mascara, really. And I usually just buy some cheap mascara in order to make my lashes more visible, not to make them longer or anything.

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