Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting much lately (and sorry for this long text post), but the thing is that my good friend Emma came to my place Saturday and I just said goodbye to her today not long ago. So we celebrated NYE together and had loads of fun - also with Cille and the other Emma, haha.

I have to admit that I'm not quite ready for a new year yet. In my head, we've just gone into October, because I haven't been doing anything lately, except the last 3 weeks, so it's all been kinda slow. I know that amazing things will happen in 2013, I even already have a few things planned, but I'm still not ready.

For example I have to write two very important applications really soon: one for university and one for a place to live, if I'm going to university a city far away from home. And the fact that I will (hopefully) start university in 8 months and turn 20 in 9 months scares the shit out of me.

I'm glad I already have things planned, though. A bunch of concerts and at least two trips to England. And more concert dates are probably on their way.

And what about New Year's resolutions? Well, I've never had one before, because I don't really believe in it. And I'm often too lazy to follow them. But this year I have one, just one. And I really tend to follow this, because I'm sick and tired of myself wanting it, but being too much of a lazy ass twat to do it.
I want to lose weight and start eating healthier. That is really what everyone wants, and I know that I don't need to lose that much weight, because I'm not obese in any way, but I still want to lose just a bit and also become more fit. I need that in my life.

A belated happy new year to all of my readers!

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