Thursday, December 4, 2014

Music critic.

So last month I went to a little festival in the city where I live with my friend, who brought me along so I could help her write a few reviews of the concerts there for a Danish music website called Bands of Tomorrow. Sorry that I didn't write about it, I was just too lazy, woops.

Anyway, I enjoyed the weekend with the festival, drank way too much alcohol and of course did the two reviews I had to do to be able to go in free (btw I literally had a press pass, it was so cool, I even got to shoot pictures of one of the gigs wow). And then a bit later on the boss (at least that's what I think she is) of BoT contacted me, because she wanted to hire me as a music critic for their website.

How cool is that?! I'm officially a volunteer music critic. I don't get paid a dime, but I do it all for pleasure, and it's gonna be so much fun. Just writing the two reviews after the festival was so much fun, really! It'll also give me the opportunity to discover new music, even though it's only up-and-coming Danish bands that we write about. It's still pretty cool, I think. Can't wait to see where this will lead me.

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